The little Play Cube...


It sits on a shelf as decor.

It is held and stacked as part of a tower.

It is gifted and given as a bespoke present.

But its journey to get there starts in the workshop...


Play Cube Journey play cube journey - in the workshop Play cube journey-sanding 


Each cube is hand cut by my father before having every side, edge and corner sanded to ensure it is super smooth and has no sharp corners.


myla and oscar - play cube painting


The Play Cubes are sorted into orders, stencilled and handpainted with certified toy-safe paint. Once painted, each cube is sanded again, this time with a different paper, to give the ends a super smooth finish. The cubes are resorted and favourites are photographed.


 myla and oscar play cubes myla and oscar - sanding play cubes myla and oscar - the play cubes


Extra finishing touches are added to those that need it.  Splattering the cubes is by far the fun part, whilst a little more care (and a steady hand!) are needed for adding eyes to the Rabbit Play Cubes.


myla and oscar - splattering play cubes



My favourite part by far is wrapping the finished order and writing a handwritten note, for every one.  Adding a personal touch is my way of staying connected with the customer and passing on my thanks for the order when they open it at home. 


 myla and oscar - packaging myla and oscar - packaging.