Myla & Oscar - Personalised Baby Name Cube Blocks


Influenced by my two little kids and inspired by the beauty of wood, 'Myla & Oscar' was created when I was reminiscing of tent building as a child with chairs and my mother's washing airer.


Unable to find a cool and modern design (that didn’t come with a huge international shipping tag) I decided to make my own tent and quickly realised others were looking for the same. So with the help of my father (a professional carpenter) and my sewing-loving mother, I created my own range of Play Tents, sourcing fabrics and designing my own, which were on-trend with the modern mummy of today.


The brand grew quickly as I delved deeper into the world of little ones decor and I created the Play Cubes - hand cut and sanded wooden cubes that could be painted bespoke. They were hugely successful and featured in Tatler Magazine’s Christmas Gift Guide in the opening year. They have continued to grow in popularity and these handcrafted wooden blocks are now stocked in the new baby department at London's Fortnum & Mason, within the luxury marketplace NOTHS and a few select others.


Having worked in the PR and Creative industry for 10 years, my head is buzzing with new ideas and products that I cannot wait to design – products I know Myla and Oscar would love and that are a little different, cool and fun.


Welcome to our world.


Jess x