Personalised Baby Blocks - Corresponding Shapes & Letters

  • £6.50

Add a further element to little ones learning with corresponding shapes to the letters of their name. L is for lion, R is for Robot... you decide the shapes you'd like!

* * *

Each of the 4 sides of the personalised Play Cube consists of a number, letter and two corresponding shapes.

* * *

Please use the box at the checkout to add your requested shapes. For inspiration, take a look here at some of the shapes made so far and choose from the list below:

A - Aeroplane, Arrows, Anchor, Alligator

B - Big top, Big wheel, Bucket & spade, Beach ball, Boat, Bus, Butterfly, 

C - Carousel, Car, Cloud, Christening cross, Cactus,

D - Deer, Diplodocus, Duck

E - Elephant,

F - Fox, Flamingo, Feet, Flowers

G - Giraffe,

H - Hippo, Hot air balloon, House, Heart

I - Ice cream, Iguana

J - Jellyfish

K - Kite

L - Lion, Leaf, Large raindrop, Lightning bolt, 

M - Monkey, Mermaid

N - Note, Narwhal 

O - Octopus, Owl

P - Pineapple, Palm tree

Q - Queen's crown

R - Rollercoaster, Rainbow, Robot

S - Shark, Starfish, Shell, Sandcastle, Stegosaurus, Sunshine, Star, Swan, Superhero Mask, Superhero POW, 

T - Train, T-rex, Triceratops, Turtle, Tiger

U - Umbrella, Unicorn

V - Vulture, volcano

W - Whale, Woodland bear, Woodand Rabbit, 

X - Xylophone

Y - Yacht

Z - Zig zags

M - Monkey