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I read recently in the Sunday Times that Claudia Winkleman had deleted Instagram from her phone because she got tired of the 'showing off' and that it made her feel as if she were spying on other peoples lives, instead of living her own.

At first I thought I agreed with her, but the more I've mulled this over, I can't quite help thinking that it says more about her than it does about Instagram. Instagram shouldn't make you feel bad, scrolling other peoples posts, shouldn't make you feel like you're not leading a good enough life. If there are posts like that, from people you follow, unfollow them, simple as that. Life is too short for negativity (or at least that is what I am trying to remind myself as a busy working mum).

Unlike Facebook (where the constant shares of posts such as 'these are the top 10 girls names that need a holiday', or cat and dog outtake clips are taking over my feed like a bad episode of You’ve been framed), Instagram for me delivers something else. I can stay in touch with friends I don’t see often, I can watch their children grow up even though we’re too busy to get our families together more than once a year.  On the flip side, interior posts and nursery pictures I look at for inspiration… that’s a good use of colour, ooh I haven’t tried that, what a gorgeous chair’.

Yes there are definitely a few still in my feed that are a tad too posy (!) but I’m trying to learn to look at these with affection (and a knowing smile) rather than judgement.  It will do nothing for my new no-negativity mantra ;)

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