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The first 90 minutes of our weekday are crazy. It goes something like this: get the kids dressed, make the beds, open the curtains, make breakfast, make super healthy smoothie for kids, clear up breakfast, clear up super healthy smoothie that has gone everywhere, load the dishwasher, clean the kitchen, supervise teeth brushing, hair brushing/styling, oversee lines to learn (there always seems like there is some kind of assembly/show Oscar needs to be prepared for), make lunches, pack lunches, update and pack school bags, put on hats, scarves and gloves. Phew. oh...and get in the car (all of ten steps but often takes another ten minutes). This, I imagine is the same for everyone else, and I applaud every one of you that does this, or similar all before 9am.

To return home at 9:05 after the school and pre-school run is one of the most blissful moments of my life right now.  I love my kids dearly and am genuinely excited to pick them up come 3pm, but to enter a clean, tidy, house that above all is QUIET, is simply bliss. 

I usually have a tonne of work, to pack into just shy of 6 hours, so my life lesson to myself today is to keep calm and carry on.  5 simple things help me do this.

  1. MUSIC. It’s the first thing I put on before I even take my coat off. Spotify helps me decide which mood I need to engage for the day whether that be music to concentrate to, to smile to or music-to-smash-through-my to-do-list to
  2. CANDLE. My current favourite right now is the aromatherapy Baby candle from Cradle & Tonic whose camomile, lavender and frankincense fills my house with the most calming scent. And also Jo Malone’s Green Tomato Leaf. It smells exquisitely clean and refreshing and is the perfect open plan kitchen/dining room candle. I used to work for them and lighting one of their candles takes me back to fun press events and glamorous events.
  3. COFFEE. No explanation needed. Our Nespresso machine was the best purchase we ever made.
  4. FLOWERS. Don't they just make you smile inside? I’m currently into filling the house with greenery and buy large blooms of eucalyptus every fortnight. They last longer than flowers, are gentler on the purse and I love the fresh and clean effect they bring to our bright white kitchen.
  5. PHONE. Probably shouldn’t belong on a ‘calming’ list, however I can imagine how uncalm I’d be should I lose it.



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